A VOICE For hardworking families

Jessica Filiaggi for 15B


A lifelong Minnesotan

Jessica Filiagi

Professional experience

Jessica has a diverse knowledge base in compliance, anti-money laundering, consumer protection, investor education, and financial products and markets. She graduated from the College of Saint Benedict with a degree in Political Science and is passionate about a government that provides value for people of all education levels, income and lifestyles.

a spirit of community involvement

Jessica is involved in her local community as a classroom volunteer for Junior Achievement and is active in local and state politics.  She believes strongly in participating to the best of each of our abilities regardless of affiliations or beliefs. Providing unbiased financial education and options to people of all ages and stages is what makes her work a mission to educate and empower individuals to take responsibility over their finances.

personal values

When she isn’t at work or volunteering, Jessica enjoys the outdoors in most all capacities: hunting, hiking, biking, fishing, paddling, and snowshoeing. Growing up in Merrifield, Minnesota, probably contributed to her love of the outdoors.  Jess loves spending time with her family and two dogs in central Minnesota. She loves taking hikes at the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge and reading, reading, reading.  She believes that sometimes we just need someone to meet us where we are; no judgement, no shame. We need them to listen, encourage us to get up, dust off our boots, grab the map (or make one!) and find a solution together! She believes that partisan bickering has to stop if we want to maintain our democracy and create a space for all voices to be heard.